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Anna is an innocent Red Riding Hood. In this story we have no angry wolf, we have Masha who just wants to fuck Anna.

Horny dreams come true. They are alone again, it is time to have fun with each other, and dildos can only help!

Masha pushes the big red dildo inside Anna. She wants more and more.

Anna did not want to clear Masha’s room. She wanted to fuck her. She gets what she wants!

Anna fucks Masha with a strap on. Masha is in ecstasy. Very hot inside.

The girls started played the school game. Anna found the dildo on
Masha’s desk. Exciting… they start to play one with other.

Masha likes to kiss Anna’s pussy. Anna licks Masha’s hot pudendum.

They started in the hall then they move on the table. The passion was full on.

Masha likes the taste of Anna’s pussy. Anna, probably, wants more and more.!

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