My husband and I took a girls virginity on our honeymoon

So for part of our big honeymoon trip after getting married my husband and I went to Iceland. We were doing a lot of hiking and glacier walking and cool stuff like that, but we were there during the off season and the every where we went the places were empty. We were driving around in a rented camper van and we slept in the van mostly, but after a few days of that we wanted a change and found a little hotel on the coast in the middle of nowhere.

The place was completely empty and the girl behind the counter, Emma, told us that they usually didn’t even start getting customers until mid-May, but her dad liked to keep the place open year round since they lived there. She explained he was away on business in Reykjavik and so she watched the place, but it was rare for us to even be there.

My husband Brian and I showered then came back out to the little restaurant, and she told us there was no cook, but she could make us sandwiches or something. So we actually went back behind the counter to the kitchen and we made our own food and then sat at the bar. We all sat around drinking the bottles of wine that were already open and she was being cool and not charging us anything. We found out her name was Emma, and she was the tiniest most pale little thing. She was maybe five foot and around 95lbs. She wore a little polo shirt with the hotel logo on it and tight khaki shorts. Her hair was short and black in a spiky little pixie cut and just fucking adorable. She had the most piercing green eyes.

Until pretty late into the night we sat and got drunk with her. She told us all about how she was going to go to Oslo for college and how excited she was. My husband was being really bold and asking her if she had a boyfriend, and she said no, she’d never really dated anyone before and she was pretty isolated here. He kept touching her hand when he talked and she was enjoying the attention, and I liked where it was going so I turned on my flirtiest mode.

I was telling her how beautiful icelandic girls were and how she was by far the most beautiful one we’d seen so far. She was blushing like crazy. I touched her cheek and told her she might be one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen. And my husband said he thought she was downright sexy, and she said she wouldn’t know anything about that in a really sweet and innocent way. I understood right away what she meant.

It was clear we were pretty tipsy and the night was wrapping up and inhibitions were all way down as we started talking about sex. I just went for it and invited her back to our room to finish our wine and she hesitated, but said yes.

We walked down to our room and while my husband was unlocking the door, I ran my fingers through her hair and she turned and gave me a smile. Once in the room we stood awkwardly for a minute because the only surface aside from the dresser was the bed, so I took the lead and just sat on the bed. My husband followed and she took off her shoes and sat cross legged on the bed with us. We passed around the bottle of wine, having forgotten glasses and talked a lot more.

Emma took a big sip, and red wine dripped out of her mouth, I took my chance and leaned in and kissed the drip off of her chin. She leaned into it and we were making out. Her tongue was pointy and pushed between my lips. As we kissed I lifted her shirt off revealing the tiniest little a-cups and puffy nipples. I licked and kissed my way down her neck to her nipples and felt her get goosebumps. I moved her around to her back and kissed across her flat stomach to her hip bones. She was already moaning softly. I unsnapped her shorts and opened the fly, she had on a tiny pink thong and I wiggled her out of the shorts and thong revealing a little puff of black pubic hair and a tiny slit of a pussy. I told her she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and she smiled as I buried my mouth between her legs, she immediately said oh god as I found her clit with my tongue. As I was going down on her, I felt Brian pulling my clothes off and I glanced back and he was already naked and rock hard.

Emma tasted absolutely amazing. I moved and pushed Brian in, letting him share her with me. He buried his face in her pussy and she was writhing and gripping the back of his head. I moved beside her and we were kissing. I felt her tensing and ran my hands across her flat body as Brian brought her to a hard panting orgasm. It was one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen. She told me, between breaths, that no one has done that to her before.

Brian had her pulled to the edge of the bed and was lifting her legs. He was swiping the head of his dick along her pussy lips, parting them slightly. Then he slid the head of his cock inside of her and she grabbed my hand tight. I kissed her more as he started fucking her slowly. She was in complete ecstacy, I let Brian have his fun with her.

He turned her over onto her hands and knees and entered her from behind while I laid on my back and pulled her head between my legs. She was to distracted to concentrate on going down on me, but she tried her best, randomly licking me while getting fucked from behind. I looked up at Brian and he mouthed, WOAH, as he slapped her pale ass.

I pulled her towards me and moved Brian so he was laying on the bed, then I straddled him, feeling like I was missing out. I watched them kiss as I grinded against him, bouncing on his cock. Then, I moved aside and pulled Emma onto my husband’s dick, she was a sight to behold. I moved behind them and kissed her ass as I watched my husband’s cock slide in and out of her tight pussy lips.

I licked a finger and rubbed a circle around her tiny asshole and heard her moan. I pushed my lips between her ass cheeks and drove my tongue against and then inside of her tight asshole, I heard her say oh my god and felt her tense up. I continued kissing and licking her ass, then moved up her back and to her tits. I kissed her lips and she told Brian not to cum inside of her, I could tell he was close, so I pulled her away and we kneeled on the ground side by side.

Brian stood in front of us stroking his cock while we kissed. He groaned and I turned, and he unleashed a massive stream of cum across Emma’s lips and chin. The second pump covered her cheek and lips more and Brian sat back on the bed panting heavily. I grabbed the sides of her tiny face and licked her clean between kisses as we swapped my husband’s cum between our mouths.

I stood and handed her a towel, she wiped at her face and looked around awkwardly and then suddenly said, I have to go, and she left grabbing her clothes on the way out. I tried to say something but she ran off. Brian and I took a shower, and in the morning when we went to check out, she was super chill and just told us she enjoyed our night and we continued on our journey.

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